Old Worthing Street was the single street which originally passed through the fishing hamlet (and later the town) of Worthing. The street was later divided up into separately named pieces, which were each re-named several times over the years. Its route is currently represented by the northern part of Chapel Road, North Street and High Street.

Over the past fifty years or so the route of old Worthing Street has been modified and many of its buildings have been demolished and/or affected by re-development and road-widening schemes. The old street is now no longer recognisable and only a few of early buildings survive.

The Survey

The information contained in this survey is from original research carried out over many years by Ron Kerridge and Mike Standing for their book Worthing - From Saxon Settlement to Seaside Town (Optimus Books, 2000).

However, a great proportion of the detailed research was not included in the book and it was felt that the information would now be useful to all those involved in family and local history, both of which have greatly increased in popularity in recent years. Therefore, it was decided to place the information on a web-site and make it freely available to all interested persons.

The information has been extracted from various Worthing deeds and documents, directories, maps, published histories, court rolls and local inhabitants etc. Permission has been kindly granted to copy photographs from various private and public collections for use on the web-site.

The re-numbering of properties over the years, omissions and inaccuracies in some of the early directories has resulted in some gaps in the lists of occupiers and no doubt errors. However, it is hoped that many of these can be rectified (and additional information added) over a period of time by feed-back from web-site users.


The authors are indebted to the following for the use of photographs from their collections:-

Alan Cowdrey (AC), Colin Fuller (CF) and Martin Hayes, Worthing Reference Library (WRL). Photographs used from their respective collections will be marked with the initials shown after their name.